will you remain healthy if you only drink milk?why?

 milk is healthy bt we need to all the types of food b'coz it provides nutrients vitamins and minerals 

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express goingto the north or  southpales must   carry greenvegetables fruits juices with then . why is it through nacessary

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No, we will not stay healthy if we only drink milk because a healthy person needs a right amount of nutrients that is present in food.

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To your question Dipti Ranjan the answer is that

milk is important as it gives calcium but it is also not good if we drink too much milk.

So now you got the answer.

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because milk don't have iron and vitamin c which are needed by our body.

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One who consumes milk more there could be inverse effects from the Vitamin C.
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no, we can not stay because milk does not cantain iron and vitamin c
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no we cannot say it because there is lack of iron vitamin c in milk
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