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 Junk food
In this generation most people eat a lot of junk food instead of homemade meals. Foods of low nutritional value are usually known as junk food. An example of junk food would be take away food, sugary snack and even pre packed meals also. This is becoming a problem in the world because people aren’t eating enough healthy meals these days. This is affecting people’s body. People aren’t really worried about the effects simply because they love the way it taste. People eat a lot of junk food for three main reasons. 
A lot of people eat junk food simply because it tastes so good. One thing that helps junk food taste so good is that it has a lot of salt in it. Junk food has a lot more salt compared to a regular healthy meal.   Another ingredient is the amount of sugar that is added to the junk food now days. Sugar is very addictive when you constantly keep eating it almost every day. For example, try coming off of a chocolate candy bar that you almost eat everyday and see what happens.


Also another reason why people like to eat junk food is because it’s more affordable than other foods.   Studies show that junk food is the cheapest food out right now that you can buy and enjoy it. The reason behind that is due to the fact that the economy is in a big slump and most food prices are rising up a lot now except junk food. Studies show that fruit and vegetables now are costing a lot more than junk food. This is causing more people to keep buying junk food because it’s so cheap and they would save more money. Ever since people realized that they can live off of fast food and junk food, they hardly think about buying healthy food these days.
The last reason why people like junk food is because it’s almost available anywhere. It’s very easy to pick up, it’s around and it’s present.

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Will u please write a good essay in junk food please it wi
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