why was the game out of reach?
why was the game out of reach? Saheb too Wwearing tennis shoes that look strange over his discoloured shirt and shorts. "Someone gave them to me," he says in the manner of an explanation. The fact that they are discarded shoes of some rich boy, who perhaps refused to year them because of a hole in one of them, does not bother him. For one who has walked barefoot, en shoes with a hole is a dream come true. But the game e is watching so intently is out of his reach. This morning, Saheb is on his way to the milk booth. In his hand is a steel canister. "I now work in a tea stall down

Dear student,

Tennis is a sport which would require a person to buy proper and expensive gear to play it, which was not possible for Saheb to do. Thus, the game was out of his reach.


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That is bcoz he is so poor that he wont be able to afford to play the game. And hence out of his reach.

Hope its clear.
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