why their is terrorist attack ?

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a, Terrorism as an ideology is based on fear . It aims to use violence as a means to generate terror or fear in the minds of the people
b. The ideology aims to use indiscriminate violence against the  innocent population with an objective to create panic and send across a message
c. There are many reasons that can be attributed to terrorist attack as it could be to attain a particular political objective, to attain secessionism, to  establish an independent state, to seek revenge, to attain greater autonomy, to impose one' religious belief and faith , even underdevelopment may compel a group to organise a terrorist attack  and target civilian as well as military personnel.
d. There is no single reason which can be identifies for a terrorist attack.
e. Today any organisation with its extreme hard core ideology that propagates violence , it could be a left wing, right wing, revolutionaries may engage in act of terrorism to achieve their objectives


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in India, particularly terrorist attack happens from the side of Pakistan so that the central govt. hand over Kashmir to Pakistan because of some problems occurred in past. but we still fight because if they get Kashmir, they would develop a greed for more of India and would try to acquire the whole of India.another reason is than half of the Muslims residing in India reside in Kashmir and is wanted by Pakistan.
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