Why the issue of sustainability important for development? Please explain this question


Sustainable development means the development that takes place without damaging the environment or without compromising the needs of our future generations.

The issue of sustainability is important for development because :
  1. Becoming Aware of Current Scenario : We , the present generation , is over exploiting the natural resources without thinking much about our future generation.The resources are limited and their over use will lead to their depletion.
  2. Proper and Judicious Utilization of Resources : Becoming aware of the situation is one thing but implementing it is another thing. We must utilise our resources in a judicious manner to avoid their over use and wastage.Using non-renewable resources more judiciously can help.
  3. Bringing out Alternative sources of energy : Investment in alternative sources of energy is the need of the hour. Eg : Installing solar power plants for solar energy.

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