Why should we worried about about unemployment? How can it is solved by government

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The following points may help you:

a. Unemployment is surely detrimental to the overall growth of country's economy.
b. It transforms the vital population of the country onto a liability
c. Unemployment also increases the poverty rate of the country hampering the progress of the country.
Unemployment in both rural and urban areas also leads to food insecurity, unemployed lack regular income , hence are impacted by lack of adequate availability of food.
e.  In rural areas, people become victims of  Under employment  which refers to a situation where more people are involved than actually required and work much below that heir skills and potential. Also referred as disguised unemployment, here the productivity per person is marginal or negative..
f. In urban areas, we witness educated unemployment,
 which is a  phenomena or problem existing in urban areas, where people with degrees are unable to find a job.

The problem can be solved in the following manner:

a. Encourage investment in rural and backward regions.
b. Establish and provide assistance to small scale units.
c. Encourage labour intensive techniques along with capital.
d Encourage specialisation in the production process.
e. Provide training and impart skills to create a more skilled workforce.


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