Why pancreas are both endocrine and exocrine glands ??

Exocrine glands are glands having ducts for their secretions. whereas endocrine glands are ductless and their secretions are directly poured into blood stream.
Pancreas can act both as endocrine and exocrine gland. It has a portion which act as exocrine gland as it secretes pancreatic juice which is poured into duodenum to help in digestion.
Another portion called islets of Langerhans acts as endocrine gland as it secretes insulin hormone directly into blood stream. 

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Endocrine glands are glands of the endocrine system that secrete their products, hormones, directly into the blood

Exocrine glands are glands that secrete their products into ducts.

Pancreas has both these characteristics.

pancreas secreate pancreatic juice through ducts and insulin directly to blood.

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