Why Pakistan Under Pervez Musharraf should Not Be Called A Democracy?Explain Any Five Reasons.

Pakistani media, human right organisations and democracy activists said that the referendum was based on malpractices and fraud means. After accepting the rulings of the Supreme Court, Musharraf became the first president for holding general elections nationwide, based on the rulings of the supreme court. Appointing Zafarullah Jamali as Prime minister in 2002, Musharraf accepted his resignation in 2004 and approved the appointment of Shaukat Aziz as Prime minister instead.

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In August 2002 General Musharaf issued a ‘Legal Framework Order’ that amended the constitution of Pakistan. According to this Order, the President can dismiss the national or provincial assemblies. The work of the civilian cabinet is supervised by a National Security Council which is dominated by military officers. After passing this law, elections were held to the national and state assemblies. So Pakistan has had elections, elected representatives have some powers. But the final power rests with military officers and General Musharraf himself.

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  • becoz in pakistan elections held elected leaders have some powers but the final power rests with military officers and general mussaraf  himself.
  • final decisions are also taken by him only.
  • the representatives are actually not allowed to take any decision.
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1.In august 2002 ,Parvez Musharraf issued a legal framework order that amended the constitution of Pakistan.

2. According to the order, the President had the power to dismiss the national and provincial assemblies but in a democracy, a government can be removed from power only if it does not enjoy the support of the majority.

3.The work of the civilian cabinet was supervised by a national Security Council which was dominated by the military officers. Hence the decision making authrity of pakistan was influenced by the army which goes against the principle of democracy.

4. Elections were held to the state and national assemblies but the final decision making powers rest with the army and general musharraf himself whereas in a democracy the final decision making power should rest with those elected by the people.

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