Why out of all the noble gases, only Xenon can form compounds?

(The answer is not because its 1st IE is similar to that of oxygen)

As from top to bottom in a group compound forming capacity increases and as xenon is at the bottom

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Due to large atomic size, the first IE for xenon is low as compared to IE of the other elemnts of the group. Hence, even though having a stable electonic configuration, the outer most shell electrons experience less attraction to the nucleus and hence can participate in bonding with other elements when sufficient energy is provided.

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Radon at the bottom

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Thank you guys =)

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the rare gas xenon and oxygen gas almost have the same ionising energies.this is the main reaason why Bartlett thought of a noble gas' compound.

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Xenon has a lot of electrons, hence the larger atomic mass, and the atomic radius is very large. Thus, the strength of the attraction between the outer electrons and the protons in the nucleus is weaker (increased distance from the nucleus means decreased attraction). With this decreased strength, they are more easily lost to other atoms.
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Xenon has largest atomic size and smallest ionization enthalpy of all the Noble gases
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larger atomic size and hence dissosiation enthalpy lower thus more reactive
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Xenon has least ionisation energy among noble gases and hence it readily forms chemical compounds particularly with O2 and F2.
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