Why isn't the right to freedom of religion a part of the right to freedom?

Dear Student,

a. Right to freedom is a set of comprehensive and broad rights which allows individual to lead a dignified life.
b. It includes freedom of expression, thought, freedom to move , right to life.
c. Right to freedom of religion was consciously include as separate right by our constitution makers and is also referred as minority right.
d. This rights forms the foundation and bedrock of our Secularism.
e. It guarantees extensively right to freedom of religion to all.
f. This rights sought to give protection to the minorities from the possible domination of the majority.
g. It seeks to protects the and safeguard the identity of religious minorities.
h. Right to religion thus holds a special importance as it gives meaning to the term secularism enshrined in our preamble, thus was included as a separate right.


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