why is ppc downward sloping from left to right?

 Production possibility curve (PPC) is a curve which shows the different combination of two goods that can be produced using given resources and given level of technology. It is a downward sloping concave curve. Since the resources are scarce and there is a given level of technology in the short run, in order to have an extra unit of one good, it is necessary to sacrifice some units of other good. There exists a trade-off between the production of two goods.  So PPC slopes downward from left to right.

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The slope of the PPC measures MRT/MOC. the shape of the PPC is concave i.e moving from left to right i.e as we move downwards along the PPC the MRT rises. It implies that to produce more units of one good some units of other good must be sacrificed due to limitation of resources i.e, MOC increases when the productivity and efficiency of factors of production decreases as they are shifted from one use to another as resources are not equally efficient.

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