Why is management considered a multi-faced concept?

Management is said to be multi-faceted concept as it is a complex process involving not just one but various dimensions. There are three main dimensions of management. 

i. Managing the Work- The performance of a definite work forms the basis of an organisation. With management this work is interpreted in terms of the objectives and goals and how they are to be achieved.

ii. Managing the People- As the work is to be done by the people, managing the people is another important dimension of management. It involves dealing with the employees both as an individual and as groups or teams. With management their strengths are utilised and weakness are worked upon so as to achieve the desired objectives. 

iii. Managing the Operations- Every organisation involves a production process where the inputs are transformed into a product or a service. This production process requires continuous management. 

Thus, we can say that management is a multi-faceted process covering various dimensions simultaneously. 

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