Why is it essential to have different CPI for different categories of consumers?

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) in India includes the following three components:

1. CPI for Industrial Workers.

2. CPI for Urban Non-manual Employees.

3. CPI for Agricultural Labourers.

The three CIPs are calculated on regular basis to get the aggregate effect of the changes in retail prices. While the CPI for industrial workers and agricultural labourers are calculated and published by Labour Bureau, Shimla, the CPI for the urban non-manual employees is calculated and published by the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO). The rationale behind carrying out separate calculation of CPI for industrial and agricultural labourers and CPI for urban non-manual employees is that the consumption baskets of the former group (i.e. industrial workers and agricultural labourers) differs significantly from that of the later (i.e. urban non-manual employees). Thus, as the consumption pattern differs among the two groups and to assess the impact of the price change on the consumption pattern, CPI is calculated separately for each group.


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