Why is it better for a forest to have a large variety of animals and plants species rather than having a large number of plants and animals of a few varieties? Give 3 detailed reasons. 

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 A large variety of plants and animals in a forest helps it to regenerate and grow. With various species of plants and animals, several food chains are formed. Plants are known as producers while all the other organisms such as carnivores, omnivores etc. are consumers.
With many food chains occurring in a forest, the products formed by different organisms of the food chain are also high. Also, microbes get higher amount and variety of dead plants and animals to feed on and to decompose them to humus. The supply of nutrients from these help in the growth of forests. Also, there is more interdependency and competition between various species for food and shelter, which is also important for the growth of the forest.

Large no. of plants and animals of a few varieties do not help in the growth of a forest. They contribute by giving similar products only. Also, there are only few food chains that occur in such a scenario.

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