The air looks fresh after rains because the dust particles and the dirt will be washed off to the ground and once the soil becomes wet the bacteria present in the soil start to kick up the spore giving a pleasant smell in the environment.

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the air smells very nice beacuese -Yes, the air is cleaner and contains less pollutants after it rains. This is because each rain drop is composed of around 1 million cloud droplets, each of these droplets has formed on a particle of salt, pollen or other airbourne pollutants.On their way down, falling as rain, they collect even more particles. So, just one rain drop can remove more than 1 million airbourne pollutant particles.In Jamaica the rain may be good for the quality of the lower air, but it's in part to blame for the pollution of water sources due to it washing pollutants from surface mining in to them.

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