Why is a perfect balance between natural and human environment is essential?

Perfect balance is important between natural and Human environment because:

a. Human beings are dependent on environment for their very existence so it is important to maintain a perfect harmony between human and natural 
b. Environment is the basic life support system.
c. It is the environment which provides us the air that we breathe, water we drink,land where we live and food we eat.
d. Human beings make use of plants which provides raw materials and is the main source of food. Human beings use forest for timber, for wood and other natural resources like minerals for their very survival.
e.Natural environment is important as it serves as the basic life support systems - air, water, soil.
f. Plants, forest cover play a major role in enhancing the qulaity of environment. They modify the local climate, control soil erosion, provide products which have medicinal value, forests provide shelter to many communities, it is source of livelihood for many communities.
g. It is important to have a perfect harmony as it maintains balance of nature.
h. If this balance is disturbed by human activities like deforestation, industrialisation it will lead to climatic changes, melting of glaciers, rising sea levels.
i. It will lead to extinction of species of plants and animals.


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A perfect balance is necessary between natural and human enviroment so that there is no disturbance in the ecosytems, which may lead to many hazerdious consiquences such as extinction of species.

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