why has recycling of nonbiodegradable waste become so essential these days?

Yes, your friend is right! Let me add few more points to it.

Recycling of non biodegradable wastes:

1 Reduces pollution, 
2 Reduces waste products in landfills and hence saves space in landfills
3 Reduces the amount of raw materials required for the production of new products,hence saves earth.
4 Reduces global climate change.
5 Processing of recycled materials takes less energy to recycle than the new products, hence it saves energy.

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Well sis, the name non biodegradable itself says that it cannot be decomposed by the microorganism present in the soil. So, if we throw this items in the soil or in any water bodies the organisms present in it will not be able to decompose it and it will lead to serious environment problems like infertility of soil, choking of sanitation, pollution of water bodies etc. So today recycling of non biodegradable waste is encouraged so that environment dosen't become polluted.

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