why growth and reproduction cannot be taken as defining property of all living organisms ?

what is the basis of modern taxonomical studies ?

keys are analytical in nature and are helpful in identification and classification of oraganisms.how?

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More to know:

  • The key refers to the set of alternate characteristics in such a manner that helps in the identification of plants and animals by selecting and eliminating the characters according to their presence or absence in the organism under study.
  • Species key is to identify the species in genus and the genus key is to identify the genera in a family and so on.
  • Two types of keys are: Yoked or Indented key and Bracketed key.


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1.Growth and Reprodction cannot be taken as the defining property of all living beings because they are certain living beings in the world which do not show these properties and yet they are living beings. For eg: Drones, Infertile couples cannot reproduce yet they are living, . Similarly sone non-living also grow in size but they are not living. Thats why it is not taken as defining property.

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The basis of modern taxonomical studies are the following:

1. Cytological relations

2. Evolutionary and Species relation.

3. Numerical Taxonomy.

4. Natural features are taken under consideration

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Keys consists of Opposite characteristics. After seeing a sample of Species, we choose the resembling character and reject the opposite character, By repeating this process, we come to know the name/classification of species. Hence By tis Analytical nature, it helps in identifying and classification of organism.

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