why don't we feel the pressure exerted by atmosthere?

Our bodies have evolved in such a way that the atmospheric pressure doesn't affect it. Our internal pressure counters the atmospheric pressure. In other terms,

the atmospheric pressure equals the pressure inside our body

that's why we don't feel it.

Hello @Amal! I think you misunderstood the question, good effort anyway!

Hello @All! God answers, keep it up!

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  You're half a percent lighter at the Earth's equator than at the poles. That's centrifugal force. In part, you're lighter because the Earth bulges at the equator under the influence of centrifugal force, putting you farther from the centre of mass of the Earth, so that the force of gravity is slightly less; in part, you're feeling the effect of centrifugal force lifting you upwards against the downward pull of gravity.

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Well, affanarshad31, the air pressure inside our body exerted due to breathin is equal to the pressure exerted by the atmosphere on us. So we do not feel it. If there was no air around us, we would die because the air pressure inside our body is more than the putside pressure then.

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coz. our blood pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure

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Your body has equal air pressure pushing back against it from your body so you cant feel it


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