why does the southern Hemisphere experience Winter and summer Solstice in different times than that of  the northern Hemisphere?

When the southern hemisphere is tiltad towards the sun it has  summer soltice because sun's rays are vertical on the southern hemisphere.

At that time the northern hemisphere is away from the sun so it has winter  solstise at that time.

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the southern hemisphere experiences winter andsummer solstice in different times than that of nothern hemisphere due to inclination of earth both the hemisphere experiences river climatic conditions on summer and winter solstice. 

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So when the sun's rays hit the northern hemisphere then the northern hemisphere would have summer while the southern hemisphere would have winter.
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as the southern hemisphere is towards the sun then the n.h is reflected by sun and dfaces summer and them it happens visa-vera with each others

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What is the angle of inclination of the earth's axis with its orbital plane
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northhern hemisphere - winter
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Wrong answer
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