why does stephen hawking was soo busy after meeting with kanga?

why does he was not able to ask any question to the kanga ?

how he was soo surprise to see stephen hawking by the garden side?how he feels after his first journey?

Stephen Hawking became too busy after meeting Kanga because he had to answer all his questions and later he took him on a tour of his garden.

Stephen Hawking was not able to ask any questions to Kanga because his body was disintegrating day by day. He was very weak and hence took the help of a computer to talk.

Kanga was surprised to see Stephen Hawking in the garden because inspite of being disabled he was rumbling fast in his motorised wheelchair.
After his first visit, Kanga felt very emotional because he had seen in Stephen Hawking an embodiment of himself. He felt as if his journey was over.


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He is not able t ask question because he is parallised.

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he was not able to talk as he was paralysed and if he had to talk he had to type what he wanted to tell.

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