why does people who live in kashmir does't go to other othes states such as rajasthan , etc., as terrorists come to kashmir and kill the people who live in kashmir.

People of Kashmir do not leave Kashmir because that is their home state. They have their families, properties and jobs there. It is not easy to abandon all that and migrate to another state. Besides, running away in the face of terrorism is not the answer to terrorism.

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India is our country and kashmir is the part of it
Because of some chirkuts terroriest why we fear ..if the troble come by these, then we have to crush these pakis terrorists
Jai Hind
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People who live in Kashmir are the natives of the place. They can't leave Kashmir as they have become refugees in their own state Kashmir and now don't treat themselves as Indians but instead Muslims. Sadly none in their home state raised much concern.
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