Why do we periodise history

we periodise the history into these categories---
1= ancient
2= medievial.
3= modern
some person also devide history into ----
hindu, muslim, and british
= we do so in an attemt to capture the charactics of a time , it,s central features as they appear to us.

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we periodise history in three categories




But british divided it in




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we periodise it to make it more understood

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We periodise history to mark the changes that occured from one period to another.

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societies and economies take a long time to periodize and often cant be periodized.some historians tell that the change from ancient to medivial happened with the comming of turks to india. the change from medivial to modern happened with the coming of british to india

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we periodise history to create difference bettween time periods and to make tit easy

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