Why do we learn history i dont get it. They all r dead any ways. But still why do we need to study history. I really dont get the real logic why we should study that Mughals ruled India? Why we should study about Raziya sultan? Why we should study that who invented airoplane i mean we used but why need to study that? 

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a.  The term history has been derived from the greek work historia, which mean investigation, inquiry. 
b. When we refer to history, we basically refer to the understanding and knowledge about the events that have brought about the evolution of society.
c. History gives us an understanding about the evolution of society, it is concerned with the changes that have occurred over a period of time.
  d. It serves as the basis of understanding of the present as it is only in the light of past we can analyse the present scenario. 
e. We study about the Mughal era to understand the way society existed at that time and how things have changed. In fact, in  our study of past we can appreciate the present system  and also draw a comparative analysis.
f, Study of Razia Sultan is equally important to know the position and status of women that existed then ad how it has changed  and how can we change
g. Similarly, learning about various inventions, discoveries allow us to make further improvisation and advancements as society is continuously progressing.
h. To understand present we refer to the past so that we can improve the future.


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WE study history because to understand the present, to know the past, to avoid mistakesin future ,to know about various civilizations ,to understand the value of time,enables to know our ansistors. We study mughals because to know their work, the years they ruled what did they do , what were the mistakes made by them in politics , when did they die ,etc.we study Razia sultan to know about her,her cvilization to understand her mistake made in politics by hera nd how did she die. the history teaches us our mistake. these helps in avoiding the mistakes in future. the history also increases our heritage.
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History is important because of the folllowing reasons:-
History helps us to learn about our past.
Knowledge of history helps us to know our own culture and how it envolved in the past.
History tells us about the great kings,leaders and great men who are a source of inspiration for us even today.
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Mughals ruled India because they wanted to exapand their territories.
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We need to study that who made aeroplane because
We will improve our general knowledge.
We will know inventions and their inventors.
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