Why do we divide history into different periods?


In an attempt to capture the characteristics of a time, its central features as they appear to us

They reflect our ideas about the past

They show us how we the significance of change from one period to next

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BECAUSE THEY ARE STONE AGE,MEDIVAL PERIOD AND MODERN PERIOD                                                                                                                   ( OLD AGE ),(MIDDLE PERIOD)     ,     ( NEW AGE)

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 History is the study of changing patterns in society. No two periods are alike in history. It is the study of change.

The way our ancestors lived was very different from how we live now. So, to characterise these changes, historians have divided history into three periods - ancient, medieval and modern. These broad divisions mark how the society, economy, culture and politics of one period differed from that of the preceeding or the succeeding periods.

Periodizationb in history has changed over time. We divide history on the basis of something which has had a profound impact on the way we live. Some people say that the change from ancient to medieval period occured with the arrival of Turks in India and the change from medieval to modern occured with the arrival of British on the shores of India. Societies and economies take a long time to change and often cannot be periodized. 

The 18th century is generally taken as the starting point of the modern period. Some features of this era are industrialization [ introduction of new machines ] , colonization [ to exploit an area after capturing it by force ], and urbanization [ growth of cities ]. These changing trends were first visible in Europe. In course of time, they played a vital role in India also.

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To make it easy to understand

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WE DIVIDE  history into different periods  in an attempt to capture the characteristics of a time , its central features as they appear to us , the terms through which we periodise , that is demarcate the difference between periods become important  . they reflect our ideas about the past .they show how we see the significance of a change from one period to the next .

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Because Indian history is divided into three different parts- old age histroy, medieval histroy and modern history. And also the source of information for all the three periods is different, so we need to distuingish between them. The source of history for the old age histroy are caves, ruins of places , pictures etc which are not confirm and we are not completely sure about what happened that time. The sources of history for medieval period are writings on the caves, inscriptions, books like Indika etc give little more detailed description of that time but still they are too not completely true because most of the writings are written in praise of their rulers. And the sources for the modern histroy are complete, true and actuall with the help of which we completely know about it i.e. Britishers and the British rule. That is why we divide histroy into three different parts.    

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history is divided into three parts old age history, medival history, and modern history so that it becomes easy to us to understand that which eventtook place at which place and when

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to make it easy to learn,understand,and score marks

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