Why do we call India a secular democratic republic? Explain

India is called a secular country because of the following reasons:
India is called secular because its citizens have complete freedom to follow and practise any religion of their own choice.
  1. Democracy means that India has a government where people enjoy equal political rights, elect their rulers who are accountabl.
  2. Head of the state ie India’s President (Rashtrapati) is elected and is not hereditary.

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secular b'coz---------1>no particular religion is promoted

 2>no discrimination is made on the basis of religion

 3> all religions r treated equally

democratic b'coz----------1>indians elect their representatives

republic b'coz--------------1> the costitution proclaims that the head of state will be elected and not be a hereditary ruler

 2>thus we have a president who is elected n has fixed terms of office

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