• Why do poachers kill tigers?
  • What will happan if tigers vanish from our forest ?
  • Have you ever visited any tiger reserves or a zoo where tigers are kept ? 

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Why do poachers kill tigers?
A poacher is a person who hunts or catches game or fish illegally. He kills tigers for their skin, teeth and nails.  

What will happen if tigers Vanish from our forest?

 All species be it big or small has a role to play in maintaining the ecosystem, in maintaining balance of nature

Wild animals like Lions,Tigers are carnivorous feed on other animals in that way they ensure that balance of nature is maintained.

b. Animals like Tigers are at the top of the food chain, they keep the  population of deer, wild pig and gaur in check. Without the tigers these species would expand. 

c. Excessive population of these animals would impact the vegetation as they feed on plants.

d. It would amount to extinction of the biggest cat on earth.

e. It would disturb the entire balance of nature. 

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 poachers kill tiger to get their skin for making products and poachers are selling tiger skin for high rate.the poachers who are depending their life on tiger skin and meat will be lost. yes i have visited

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