why do metal pan have either wooden or plastic handles?

metal pans have eithar wooden or plastic handles because generally metal pans are used to cook food. In order to cook food the pans are placed over the stove and heated. As we all know that metals are good conductors of heat and electricity and non- metals such as plastic and wood are bad conductors of heat and electricity. Hence, in case of cooking the metal pan conducts heat and the whole pan gets hot. It becomes quite difficult to handle such hot pan while cooking. In order to do it more easily, the handles of the metal pans are coated with plastic or wood so that it can be easily handled as wood and plastic are bad conductors of electricity.


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as they are bad conductors of heat and helps the person cooking from the direct contact to heat.

and wooden handels are least used as they can catch fire.

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In the materials other than conductors the molecules do not vibrate so fast to conduct the heat early. so the steel pans have plastic or wooden handles.

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wood and plastics are bad conductors of heat and thus they are used to make the handles of frying pans because they dont cause any harm to the person cooking the food.

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