Why do changes occur around us? Explain it with examples.

Changes occur around us continuously. Sometimes these changes are spontaneous while sometimes these changes are introduced. Physical changes are the changes only in the physical properties of a substance is often reversible. Chemical changes bring about a change in the chemical composition of a substance and in most cases are irreversible.

An example of a physical change is the change in the state of water from ice to liquid water to steam.

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Changes occur everywhere, every moment around us. Everything in the world is subject to change. Chemical changes: That change the chemical composition of the material.Physical change: That are temporary and do not change the chemical composition of the material. They change only the state, colour, and texture.Reversible chages: They can be reversed.Irreversible changes: They cannot be reversed. Eg -Bread going into toaster-becoming toast.-Boiling eggs.-Boiling Rice and Lentils.-Turning Milk into Yoghurt.-Making Tea.-Henna drying on your hands.-Nail varnish drying on your hands.-Butter melts
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