why did wanda's father Jan petronski write a letter to Mrs Mason? what effect did it leave on peggy?

Dear Student,
Mr. Petronski was shifting to a big city with his children as he was not happy with the kind of treatment his children received from their school. He wrote a letter to Mrs. Mason stating that neither of his children would be attending the school anymore from the next day. Reading the letter, Mrs. Mason expressed her disappointment with the class. Maddie felt awful about this while Peggy seemed casual. But later she asked Maddie if they could go to Wanda's place and stop them. But Wanda and her family had already left by the time they reached. Peggy might have hidden her feelings but she was not ready to accept her fault that she was one of the reasons for Wanda to leave the place. She in fact took the credit for providing the idea of drawing to Wanda as she was the one to ask the number of dresses Wanda had. 

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