Why did the children go to Yasmin khala' s house

From where does municipality get money to do work.

List any 5 different tasks that municipality do.

What Did gangabai protest about?

Fill in the blanks:

The city is divided into several _____________.

In a municipal corporation the elected member are called ____________where as in Panchayat the elected members are called _______________.

Election of Panchayat and municipal corporation are held every __________ year.

__________leads the adminisration of municipal coporation.

The local government of big cities are called ____________ and of smaller towns are ___________ .

From ncert book Civis

Dear Student,
Answer to your question is as follows ;

​​​​1) One lazy sunday afternoon children were playing a game of cricket in the street.
While playing, one of the child name Rehana hit the ball so hard and so high that the street light broke.
Now, to find out whom they have to pay for the street light? to whom the street lights belong? Who changed them?
They went to Rehana's house which was closest and they ran and told her mother everything that happened.
As she said she don't really know these things in great detail but she do know that Municipal Corporation of the city takes care of replacing lights.
Then, she suggested to ask Yasmin Khala about all this as she was just retired from Municipal Corporation.
​​​​​​Children ran to Khala's house and told her what had happened all at once! When they asked about the street light, Yasmin Khala laughed and said, "There is no one person that you can pay the money to. There is a big organisation called Municipal Corporation that takes care of street lights, garbage collection, water supply, keeping the streets and the market clean."

2) Municipality get money in form of various taxes to do work. These are :
Property Tax( form 25-30% of money that Municipal Corporation earns),
Taxes for education,
Movie tax,
Water Tax,
Shop Tax, and 
More general Taxes.

3) 5 different tasks that municipality do :
  • Supply drinking water,
  • Supply electricity,
  • Maintenance of drainage system,
  • Disposal of Garbage,
  • ​​​Construction and Maintenance of roads, Parks, Street lights etc.
4) Gangabai protested about the condition of the streets as there was garbage here and there all over the streets and that was attracting mosquitoes, flies, dogs and rats in the locality.
She said it is the ward councillor who we should go to and protest since we are the ones who elected him
Then, she gathered some women in a group and went to his house and began shouting slogans in front of his house.

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