why did maharaja ordered dewan to double the land tax?

After having killed ninety-nine tigers the Maharaja persisted in his search for the hundredth tiger, which was destined to be his doom. But that hundredth tiger was not to be found anywhere. It seemed easier to find tiger’s milk than a live tiger. The Maharaja was sunk in gloom. But soon the happy news came which dispelled that gloom: in his own state the presence of a tiger was suspected due to the frequent disappearance of sheep. The Maharaja announced a three-year exemption from all taxes for that village and set out on the hunt at once. However, the tiger was not easily found. The Maharaja was equally determined. He refused to leave the forest until the tiger was found. As the days passed, the Maharaja’s fury and obstinacy mounted alarmingly. Many officers lost their jobs. One day when his rage was at its height, the Maharaja called the dewan and ordered him to double the land tax immediately.

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the maharaj was so frustrated with the fact that he had not been able find the 100th tiger and in that anger he fired many officers and asked the dewan to double the land tax.

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