why are villi not present in the stomach?

Villi are finger like projections which are present in small intestine. The presence of villi increase the surface area for absorption.

Stomach is main organ for digestion of food. It is not concerned with absorption of food except for simple sugars and solvents like water and alcohol. As the principal function of stomach is not absorption it does not need large surface area. Hence villi are not required and are not present in stomach. 

In contrast to stomach, the small intestine is involved in absorption of digested food like amino acids, glucose and lipids. Thus, its important to have large surface area for better absorption. Therefore, villi are present in small intestine. 

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Villi are the small finger like projections present in the intestine. They increase the surface area and thus help in absorption.

The stomach is mainly concerned with the digestion of food and absorbtion of water, simple sugars and alcohol etc. thus presence of villi is not required.

Small intestine is the principal organ for absorption of the final products of digestion like glucose, fructose, fatty acids, glycerol and amino acids into the blood stream and lymph.Here the presence of villi helps in absorption of these products.

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