Why are plants and animals important for the forests?

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Plants and animals are important in a forest:
  1. To maintain ecosystem balance: Each species interact with other species and plays an important role in the transfer of energy and matter.Hence each one in its own way contributes to the stability of an ecosystem. A species lost may have little consequences in short run but in long run, the cumulative effect of these losses will threaten our existence.
  2. Economic value: Many things in our daily life are a product of plants and animals like food, medicines, cosmetics, food, clothes, and bags etc. Fish is an income source to fishing lodges similarly forest is an income source to tourism and natural industries.
  3. Genetic reservoir: Plants and animals possess undiscovered or undeveloped traits, which are very important for the survival of a particular species and also large gene pool play a crucial role.

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Because animals give out Carbon dioxide and dunk which act like humas .
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Plants and Animals  depend upon each other because each provides something the other needs. Trees provide shade, a place to live, food for nourishment. Animals spread the seeds of plants and help with pollination.
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