Why are f-block elements called "Inner-transition elements" ?

The f- block elements are known as inner transition elements because they involve the filling of inner sub-shells (4f or 5f). Their electronic configuration has a f-orbital (or they have valence electrons f-orbitals). These include Lanthanide and Actinide series in the periodic table.

1. Lanthanides: It consists of elements that follow lanthanum and involve the filling of 4f subshell.

2. Actinides: It consists of elements that follow Actinium and involve the filling of 5f subshell.

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because they have been named such while making the periodic table

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because they have been removed from d block..and added in a new block i.e. f block..and d block is called transition series so f block elements are taken frm inside of d block hece they r named as inner transition elements....

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since d block elements are placed in middle of s and p and their properties are also betwwen the properties of s and p so the are called as transition elements . and f block is placed betwwen the d block so it is called inner transition element. transition itself means something that is place betwwen the two..........

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inner transition elements are those who have their last 3 shells incompletely filled. The f block elements have their last 3 shells incompletly filled . That is why they are also called as inner transition elements.

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