why are bohr's orbits called stationary states?

As long as electrons are revolving in the orbits, electrons does not lose energy. That is why they are called Stationary States.

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Sir,we know that columb law is stated for static charges why did Bohr used it in H atom for various calculations where electron revolves about possitive charge nucleus
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bohr states that electron moving in orbitals do not loose energy and continuous moving around the nucleus
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a object moving in circular orbit lost energy but according to bohr electrons in orbitsals do not loose energy. if they loose energy then they fall in nucleous and hence atonm is colapse. so electrons do not loose energy thats why these are know as stationary staes or orbitals
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It is because the Energies in which electrons revolve in a shell is fixed hence?Bohr's orbits?are?called stationary states.
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Electrons in motion radiate/loose energy but ,bohr said that electrons revolving in discrete fixed orbits does not loose energy.
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When you bring two objects of different temperature together, energy will always be transferred from the hotter to the cooler object. The objects will exchange thermal energy, until thermal equilibrium is reached, i.e. until their temperatures are equal.
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As electrons revolve in the fixed orbitals it does not loose energy If in case electrons starts loosing its energy it would have get fused with the nucleus and the atom won't exist but it doesn't happen
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Electron revolving around in orbit. Electron does not release enery. That is why is called as stationary.
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Electrons revolve around the nucleus. Electron does not lose the energy. so, it is known as stationary states.
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Bohr's orbits are called as stationary states because as we know that if an object moves in circular path it will lose energy but, according to bohr electrons which is moving in the circular path does not lose energy.if electrons lose energy they will fall into nucleus and get burnt.
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why shells are called stationary orbit
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The orbits in which the electrons are allowed to revolve around ​​​​the nucleus , these orbits have fixed radius also fixed value of energy that’s why these are called allowed energy levels or stationary **states. 
** The word stationary means that the energy of the electron moving in particular Orbit is fixed and does not change with time.
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