wht is microspore tetrad ?

microspore tetrad is formed at the end of microsporogenesis. it is a 4 celled stage where as the development occur in  the anther the sporogenious tissue goes under meiosis & thereby forms 4 haploid microspore . and this formation or this 4 celled stage is called as a microspore tetrad.

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The Pmc or pollen grain mother cell undergoes meiosis and it will form 4 microspore or tetra of microspores. ..All the 4 cells in tetra are not separated. .they are binded by callose.
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Microspore tetrad means four cells. Each cell is haploid. Four haploid cells. Microspore tetrad are formed at the end of microsporogenesis. Formation of tetrad occurs due to reduction division or meiosis.
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