who is founder of kaziranga wildlife society

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He (Robin Banerjee) was especially dynamic with respect to issues concerning Kaziranga National Park and was the founder of the non-legislative association Kaziranga Wildlife Society, which effectively ensures the interests of the recreation center. 
The historical backdrop of Kaziranga as a secured zone can be followed back to 1904, when Mary Curzon, Baroness Curzon of Kedleston, the spouse of the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon of Kedleston, visited the territory. 

First settled in 1908 as a held woodland, it hence was assigned a game (1916) and untamed life (1950) safe-haven prior to turning into a public park in 1974. Kaziranga was assigned an UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985. 
Kaziranga National Park a world legacy site is celebrated for the Great Indian one horned rhinoceros, the scene of Kaziranga is of sheer timberland, tall elephant grass, tough reeds, swamps and shallow pools.


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