which section to attempt first in English board exam for class 12th. I used to attempt in the order it is given but then the literature portion is missed sometimes. But if I do the literacy portion first then it takes a lot time to read the passages when only half hour is left and then the answers quality degrade aur even get missed. It approximately takes me one hour to complete whole passages section, and now the time limit is also for 2 hours


- Each section of the English paper should be allotted a fixed time by you.
- As you get fifteen minutes to read the paper, it is advisable that you read the comprehension passages during that time.
- Then, you can start answering as soon as you get to write the answers.
- In literature, you can write answers in points, but they should be complete sentences.
- The content needs to be at your fingertips for you to complete any paper in Boards.
- Practice completing the paper within the allotted time and (gradually) you will be able to manage well.

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