Which point defects lowers the density of a crystal?

 density of crystal is lowered in shottky defect because.in shottky defect equal no of cations & anions are missing from the lattice,so the electrical neutrality is mantained and as no of cations n anions are missing so mass will deacrease                                                    we know that      


so density is directly proportional to mass,so due to deacrease in mass sdensity will also deacrease.

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In ionic-solids VACANCY DEFECT lowers the density of the crystal. in this defect some of the lattice site are vacant, which results in decrease in density of crystal. this defect also develop when crystals are heated.

in non ionic-solids SCHOTTKY DEFECT lowers the density of crystal. this defect is basically a vacancy defect. in this defect number of missing cations and anions are equal, in order to maintain electrical neutrality.

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which crystal defect lowers the density of the solid

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Shottky defect decreases the density of the solid because equal no. Of cationic and anionic molecules leave the vacancies for maintaining electrical neutrality.
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In schottky defect
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Vacancy and Schottky defects.
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Schottky Defect: because
Density = mass/ volume
In schottky defect, due to Loss of cation and anion mass decrease.
Density is directly proportional to mass.
So mass also decrease.....
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Vacancy defect and Schottky defect
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Schottky defect * It occurs due to the cation-anion pair's missing from the lattice sites. * Schottky defect are more common in ionic compounds with high coordination number. * The crystal having Schottky defect is electrical neutral as a whole. Eg... KBr
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