Which of the words below describe Gerrard and which describe the Intruder?










Write a paragraph each about Gerrard and the Intruder to show what qualities they have. (You can use some of the words given above.)

The words that describe Gerrard are cool, confident, witty, nonchalant, humorous and clever. While the Intruder could be described by the words like flashy and smart.

Gerrard is a cool and confident playwright. He is a witty fellow, as is evident from the way he tackles a grave situation in which he finds himself face to face with a dangerous criminal. When he is asked for his personal information by the Intruder, he talks to him in a nonchalant and humorous manner. He cleverly convinces the Intruder that he too is a criminal and then manages to lock him up in his wardrobe.

The Intruder enters Gerrard's premises dressed in flashy clothes. He is smart in his attempt to extract all the personal information about Gerrard.. But he is outsmarted by Gerrard's wit. He fails to see through Gerrard's concocted story about himself.

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