Which of the following statements about electric field lines is incorrect?

A :

They never cross each other

B :

They always form closed loops

C :

They point from positive toward negative charges

D :

They point away from positive as well as negative charges


Electric field lines represent the electric field present in a region. The electrostatic field between a test charge and a charged body is represented by the electric field lines that exist between them. Electric field lines never cross each other and point from positive toward negative charge. They do not form closed loops and always start from a positive charge and end on a negative charge.

The correct answer is C.

Please explain how option C is incorrect ! Because I think it would be D....

Correct answers are B and D.

B) Field lines does not form loop except electric dipole.

D) Electric field lines starts from positive charge and ends on negative charge. 

@ Shivam, Good effort. Keep it up!

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ans given may be an errata

according to me B & D both should be the ans, both are incorrect ones, also in the solution it is mentioned clearly

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it seems a twist qs...

i think all option except C is wrong really......i mean C is true...and others are incorrect.


the lines can cross when it arises from two diffrnt bodies.,

they cant form closed loops

lines only point from +ve charge.


so for this question,,the incorrect options are...a , b , d


and C is true in right sense....

check ur qs..plz deeply

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b nd d are incorrect...

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