Which of the following is not true regarding vaccines?
Vaccines are preparations of antibodies.
Edward Jenner discovered the first vaccine against small pox.
Vaccines strengthen the immune system of the body.
Vaccines are disease specific means of preventing diseases.


Ans. Option a) is correct: 'Vaccines are preparations of antibodies' is an incorrect statement. 

A vaccine is a biological preparation that strengthens the immune system against any particular disease. A vaccine contains a weakened causative agent that is similar to a disease-causing microorganism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe.
When people or children are vaccinated, antigens (a weakened form of the microbe) are given to the person in the form of a vaccine. The immune system of the vaccinated person starts to make antibodies against the introduced antigen. These antibodies remain in the body for a longer time and in some cases even for a lifetime. So, when that person encounters the same pathogen again or is infected by the same microbe, our body recognizes the pathogen easily and the antibodies fight against the infection resulting in the prevention of that disease. In this way, the vaccine works and produces immunity against diseases to keep us safe from that particular disease. For example, the polio vaccine.  

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