Which measure of dispersion is the best and how?

Standard Deviation is the best measure of dispersion as it satisfies the most essentials of the good measure of dispersion. The following points make Standard Deviation the best measure of dispersion:

1. Most of the statistical theory is based on Standard Deviation. It helps to make comparison between variability of two or more sets of data. Also, Standard Deviation helps in testing the significance of random samples and in regression and correlation analysis.

2. It is based on the values of all the observations. In other words, Standard Deviation makes use of every item in a particular distribution.

3. Standard Deviation has a precise value and is a well-defined and definite measure of dispersion. That is, it is rigidly defined.

4. It is independent of the origin.

5. It is widely used measure of dispersion as all data distribution is nearer to the normal distribution.

6. It enables algebraic treatment. It has correct mathematical processes in comparison to range, quartile deviation and mean deviation.


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