Which liberty according to you is required - negative liberty or positive liberty?

Dear Student,

a. The notion of liberty is quiet broad and comprehensive and has both negative and positive dimension to it.
b. When we refer to negative connotation of freedom, it implies complete freedom from external control and no interference at all. 
c. Such a concept of freedom, implies that our liberties are inviolable.
d. It is rather a marrow concept of freedom.
e. Freedom is not only absence of constraints but also to be interpreted in  a positive sense.
f. Positive liberty implies presence of those conditions and opportunities which allows an individual to develop to the fullest.
g. It implies providing better health, education, employment opportunities to people which allows a person to enjoy his liberties to the maximum possible level.
h. Thus, it is the positive aspect of liberty which is rather more important to give meaning to our freedoms. 
i. Further, it is important to note that no freedom is absolute, freedom demands reasonable restrictions so as to maintain law and order in the society.
j. It is my obligation to respect the freedom of others.


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