Which is more reactive sodium or lithium.why?

  1. sodium is more reactive than lithiun
  2. as you move down the group in a periodic table the mettalic properties of an element increases as the atomic radii increases resulting in increase in ability to lose electrons.
  3. the ability to lose electrons increases as the efective nuclear chatge on the outermost shell decreases 


and remember that reactivity is based on the ability to lose or gain electrons

one who can give or lose more electrons than others is more reactive

therefore sodium is more reactive than lithium

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lithium is more reactive as to achieve its duet it has to realease only one electron as compared to the three electrons of the scandium to achieve its octet

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sodium is more reactive becase it is lower in a group... or because sodium has more shell so atomic radii is more than lithium therefore the attraction is less in sodium as compared to lithium with nucleus..so sodium releases its atom more easily and therefore is more reactive

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Sodium is more reactive than lithium because as we move down a group it is easy to lose electrons as the number of shells increases and nuclear charge decreases. As valence electrons take part in chemical reaction and its easier to lose electrons as we move down a group chemical reactivity increases. Therefore, sodium is more reactive than lithium.


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