When NaNO3 (s) is heated in closed vessel, oxygen is liberated and NaNO2 (s) is left behind. At equilibrium? Among options one is addition of NaNO3 (s) favors forward direction but this option isn't given correct. Correct option is increasing pressure favours reverse direction. Pls explain why isn't that option correct.

it is correct 
option a is also correct
and b&d are also correct
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Since NaNo3 and NaNo2 are in solid state change in concentration doesn't affect the equilibrium.
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The answer is increasing temperature favours forward reaction
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Ya Arjun is right. Because NaNO3 and NaNO2 are in solid State so change in their concentration does not make any difference and doesn't shift there equilibrium but increasing pressure favours backward reaction.thus 3 option is correct.
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Increasing pressure favour the reverse reaction [Increasing pressure favour the reaction where less no of moles ] Increasing temp. Favour forward reaction because this reaction is decomposition reaction. As more as temp increase more NaNO3 decomposes and increase the conc. Of product
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But how do you know that NaNO3 and NaNO2 are in solid state??
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Correct answer is option (c) reason given below

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addition of NaNo3 favours forward reaction,addition on NaNO2 favours reverse reaction , incresing pressure favours reverse reaction ,and incresing temperature favours forward reaction as it is endothermic...
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