when 20% of general reserve is transferred to provision for doubtful debt then provision for doubtful debt will come in the revaluation a/c or not ?

no harshitha it will not come in revaluation a/c
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Meenakshi is correct!... it won't come in revaluation a/c as the journal entry for the transaction will be,

"General Reserve a/c Dr.
To Provision for Doubtful debts a/c."
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then where willl it come??????
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the GR, after subtracting the amount transferred to provision, will be distributed to partners in capital a/c.

Provision will be shown in new balance sheet as a deduction from debtors.
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Provision for doubtful debt is shown in revaluation account or not....
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I think no it will not come in revaluation account
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It will be deducted from debtors in balance sheet, it will not be shown in revaluation account... Because while transferring it to provision, journal entry is made by debating general reserves a/c and crediting provisions for bad and doubtful debt a/c
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If 25% of general reserve is transferred to provision for doubt full debt if 5000 provision is given
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This provision is coming in revalutoion account
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Hie...in this case u r not require to make any new or extra reserve...unr using ur general resevre for provision of doubtful debts...hence there is no loss for this year...only u need to deduct it from debtor...
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What is the treatment of 20% of the general reserve is to remain as a reserve for bad debts
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ye it will come in revaluation a/c .
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Yes, it will be shown on the debit side on Rev A/C.
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What will be effect of ;20% of general reserve will be transferred to provision for doubtful debts.

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Is the 10% of the general reserve was to be transfered to provision af doubtful debts?
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50 50% of general reserve is to be maintained as reserve for doubtful debts
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No,0 provision for doubtfull debts never comes in revaluation account
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No... The not show is Revaluation account
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General reserve will be transferred to provision for bad debts account
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no it will not affect revaluation account
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