Whe did the Industrial revolution came

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I am interpreting your question as "Why did the Industrial Revolution come"?

​​​​​​The Industrial Revolution started in Britain in the mid-18th century. Some of the reasons behind the industrial revolution were

1. Britain had abundant reserves of coal which could be easily mined and accessed. Coal provided the source of energy for the industrial revolution.

2. Britain already had an agricultural revolution which greatly improved agricultural efficiency. This ensured that a lot of the labour force that was working in agriculture could be diverted to industries.

3. Britain had a well developed financial system that could provide the capital for industrialization.

4. Britain had a stable political system where parliament was in control of the state and acted as a check on the arbitrary exercise of power by the monarch. Such a stable environment was conducive to new ideas, innovations and industrialisation.

5. The scientific revolution which greatly improved knowledge of science and technology.


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