Whatwould be the advantages of democracy over other forms of governmentfor ensuring that decisions regarding development are made to promotethe common good?

Theadvantages of democracy over other forms of government for ensuringcommon good as the aims of development are as follows:

  • A democratic government ensures that the decisions regarding development are taken while keeping the common interest of people in concern and respecting the rights of all.

  • Conflicts over resources and different versions of the good life are resolved through debate in a democracy and these cannot be imposed from the higher authorities.

  • The developmental priorities, strategies and way of implementations are decided by higher level of political leaders and bureaucrats.

  • Democratic structure also makes it possible to include the views of common people in the strategy and priorities of development to prevent discrimination and adverse effects.

  • Democracy allows every citizen to have a stake and participate in deciding their future and nation’s priorities.

  • Other forms of governments like authoritarian, monarchical and dictatorship do not involve people in decision making process of development.

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